Saturday, March 5, 2011


Lately I've been trying to learn the proper techniques of cooking various types of fish.  

Here are some of the seafood dishes that have been cooking.

Swordfish w/ Bottarga 

Sea Urchin...raw. Unreal freshness.

Sculpin and Sandbass catches with my brother and some friends.

Halibut with roasted cherry tomatoes

Yellowtail with pomegranate seeds, micro greens and sea-urchin sauce

Monday, October 11, 2010

PV this morning

Palos Verdes, CA at sunrise

Sheepshead for dinner

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sale July 8-20 ACCESSORIES

July 8-20th Sale - Exciting deals from Watches to Weightbelts to Flashers and Reels

AERIS F-10 Freedive Watch List Price 419.95
Sale price: SAVE $85 $334.95

FREEDIVE Weightbelt List Price $45
Sale Price: SAVE $15 $30

ROB ALLEN Kamikaze Flasher List Price: $87
Sale Price: SAVE $20 $67

Rob ALLEN Spinner Flasher List Price $87
Sale Price: SAVE $20 $67

1Meter Speargun Bungee expandable to 5Meters List Price: $22
Sale Price: SAVE $7 $15

ROB ALLEN Reel List Price $74
Sale Price: SAVE $16 $58

Steve Morris of Texas USA bags a huge 112 pound amberjack with Rabitech Stealth.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sumora. Dive Anywhere!

It has certainly been a while and a lot has happened since the last blog update. Now that we have a workable camera housing we will try to post more often.:)

I met H0tTuna (Michael Takach) whom I picked up from Hermosa Beach on friday afternoon and we went to head out on Richard Balta's 26' Catamaran(ultimate dive boat for our coast).  He was ready for some cold water/slim fish diving!  Australia has all our fish, + all the fish in Hawaii, + a lot of fish in Mexico and indo and bali and yeah...we were definitely green with envy!
He has a cool youtube channel and a video coming out, which we will be sure to stock.

Here are some pictures from the weekend...remember. DIVE ANYWHERE!!!

Hitting the spot right at dusk
There's ALWAYS time for one last dive.

Wake up.  Anywhere.

Half in and out

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Nutso Mexico Trip

For now, we will have to let the pictures do the talking.
Reflections, revelations, and trip memories will be saved for the Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine Article.
Enjoy! And remember... Dive Anywhere!

To a remote island in Mexico via Private Plane. Bring Water. Theres no Stewardess.

In the Cabin

Good View. Landing Strip.

Me, Austin Derry, Richard Balta, and the Panguero giving the THUMBS UP

4x World Record Holder Ritchie with a 48# Broomtail Grouper

Austin with a monster 83# Grouper

The Crew with a fantastic catch.

Never happier!

Yellowtail...Hamachi sushi on our minds.

FOOOOOOD. (Yellowtail Sashimi)

Fresh off the Boat.. :D

The beauty of Mexico. Will return soon. But can never be soon enough.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Roach Control problem

Limit of Lobsters, Southern California 10/31/2009

Friday, September 11, 2009


This big fish story is cut into three parts.

These insane guys were diving in the largest Great White Shark population at Guadalupe Island, Mexico for National Geographic...

Brandon Wahlers (Torrance, CA) uncaged taking shots of a 15 foot Great White

How can you not love this cute face??

My buddy Brandon Wahlers(right) shoots pending World Record Pacific Yellowtail with world surfing prodigy and deep diver Mark Healey (left) and Yellowfin Tuna(Ahi).
The Yellowtail weighed 87 POUNDS..a pending World Record. Well deserved!!!

On the other side of the world in Norway, Anders Karlsson attempting to use Sumora dive gear to land massive 150-300 pound Halibut using Sumora Floats and Floatlines along with single flopper shafts.

"I got back from the halibut grounds on Sunday evening, and have been having trouble thinking about anything else since.. ;)

I did see some large fish, up to around the 150lbs mark, lying quietly on the bottom in only 4 meters of water! That was an experience worth the trip! However, luck wasn’t with me this time, as I took shots at two of the larger fish I saw, and hit them well, but the spear didn’t stick. One fish I shot in the gill lid, and the spear didn’t go all the way in (they may be tougher than I thought, the fish was around 100lbs I think) and another just didn’t stick because the barb didn’t extend the way it should behind the fish, or the spear hit something hard underneath it (that fish was around 70-80lbs). Both of those were in only 5-6 meters of water. The biggest which I mentioned at the start was more skiddish and took off before I could get a good shot… "

For me, a Mexico trip is in order shortly :)
Followed by a trip to the Gulf:)

But, there may be a different destination before then... Keep you posted!

Friday, August 28, 2009

News with Sumora - New Retail Partner and SPIERRE Fins divers

Sumora has a new retail partner in Irvine, California
Freediving Unlimited/H2o Photo Pros
17985 Sky Park Circle Suite B Irvine, CA 92614

Sumora is proud to team with 4x Spearfishing World Record Holder Richard Balta!!

anddd...big wave rider and deeeeep diver Mark Healey
See his unbelievable GO VIDEO HERE:
and Mark Healey spearfishing with Tiger Sharks:

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today I used the SPIERRE Pure Carbon blades Medium Hard stiffness extensively at Catalina Island, roughly ~ 25 miles offshore Southern California.

All my dives were deeper and taking shorter times ascending and descending than previously, using a lot less effort. Some blades feel like you are moving (such as glass) but also feel like you really have to kick(plastic), or at least kick more than CF.

I attribute this extra work necessary because of the different advantageous properties that Carbon Fiber has. It is able to return to original position and snap back, and is lighter. In turn you are more maneuverable , have less weight on your legs and use less effort to achieve more results.

The Medium Hards Spierre PURE Carbons are constructed to maximize the effects of Carbon Fiber to maximize snap back. I love the length (80 x 22cm width) which is a 31.5" blade not including the footpocket. It's on the longer side and you can see a picture here.

I got a good run at them today with all dives in the 15-25 meter range.(45-78 feet). These blades feel as if you are not really having to work for your kicks but mannnn you are hauling in them.

The power on them is incredible. I was a big fan of C4 and Specialfins Hybrid Professionals(which is a blend of CF and Glass, majority CF), then Fiberglass SPIERREs, but for off the boat diving I will be using the SPIERRE Pure Carbons exclusively. For one, they are lighter than most glass fins out there. The power is on demand and the stiffness was just right for surface swimming.

I'm 5'10" 160.

After swimming around lots of surface swimming, and lots of dives in the medium depth range, I do not feel that my legs are shaky nor cramped.

The power is noticeable. I feel 30-40% more power with these Pure Carbons. With such ease getting back up to the surface, I was able to spend longer bottom times and expend less energy ascending than I had previously with any other fin.

I no longer think it's fair to compare CF to Fiberglass. For one, they are in general at different price points. Like comparing a Mercedes SL previously (around 120,000-140,000 range) to a Ferrari ~ 180k+
Good glass fins are in the 230-350 range.

The performance is much different too. To read my previous review of Fiberglass Fins, read here

CF is 350-550.

SPIERRE Pure Carbons come in at $455.
Footpockets can be had for

Tin Man's camera mount fit on the railgun (my case Rabitech barrel) very well. It's easy to use and sturdy and steady. Here are a few shots with his camera mount (that my friend loaned me) and my SD550 Canon...The quality was there just like his weights (smooth and clean and perfect).

We will get a review by deep diver Mark Healey and top diver Ritchie Balta shortly.

2 year warranty. Great investment for deeper diving and my opinion safer diving with less effort!

Currently being used by
5x National Champion Jaco Blignaut
12x National Champion Tommy Botha
2x World Freediving Record Holder Trevor Hutton
Deepest fish shot Freediving (60Meters Trevor Hutton)
#1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 ranked divers in South Africa

If you are looking at high end fins, take a look at the testimonials, and you may email me

to order fins:

to order TinMan's Camera Mount:

Monday, August 10, 2009

SPIERRE vs EDGE Comparison - battle of the Titans

With so many blades on the market, I wanted to do a comparison between our SPIERRE Fiberglass Blades from South Africa and another top Fiberglass blade on the market - EDGE.

Up to battle: Edge #2 versus SPIERRE Medium

In this review I will try to outline the FOUR Major points when purchasing a pair of blades or anything for that matter:

Cosmetics, Warranty, Performance, and Price in addition to sundries like color options and User backing.

At first glance, the SPIERRE Blade is about 2x as thick for the fiberglass compared to the EDGE.
It is also slightly wider and ~1cm longer. I think this makes for a more durable blade to be thicker. It is also a bit heavier due to the thicker fiberglass. One of these days I would like to weigh the two side by side.

The edge have more of a channel railing on the outer right and outer left tips of the blade designed to flow water. The Spierres have a shorter railing.

Spierres hold double the warranty at 2 years versus 1 year(Edge)

Though a restaurant can be judged by service, (which adds to the overall dining experience), usually the real test is the quality to price ratio of the food.
So performance was the main category of testing.

Edge #2 was a very nice fin to 35-45ft with nice surface swimming though the angle on the blade was not as pronounced as the SPIERREs. I found it difficult to get thrust and torque from deeper depths. Surface swimming the angle on the SPIERRE gave it the edge (no pun intended) and I believe the steeper angle assists here. The edge were easier to kick at shallower depths and it seemed was slightly less stiff. However getting up from 50ft took more effort and deeper dives did not feel like I was being propelled and rather hurt my ankles the deeper/harder I had to kick.

The SPIERRE Blade had a ton of thrust coming from 70 feet and though yesterday I didn't get to go deeper, I will next time with a spotter. You really feel like you're hauling through the water.

Blade pricing for non-camouflage SPIERRES are less expensive than Edge though pricing exemplifies quite similar price points - they're both a high end blade. Our SPIERRE Non Camos run $335 complete set (Picasso Footpockets), or Camouflage $375. Edge run $360 complete.

Spierre Camouflage blades are the nicest camouflage patterns on the market today.

Both EDGE Blades and SPIERRE Have a strong User backing. Dennis Haussler (US National Champion) uses EDGE

SPIERRE Blades have an incredible following with the number 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10 ranked divers in South Africa using them, alongside with 5x National Champion Jaco Blignaut, 12x national Champion Tommy Botha, and 2x World Freediving Record Holder Trevor Hutton. Trevor recently shot a fish at 60Meters for a new record - deepest fish shot freediving.

Though both blades have impressive characteristics, followings and performance abilities, I liked the SPIERRE Fiberglass and the camouflage patterns are truly impressive.

To order a set or two or for more information, contact ERIK @SUMORA.COM 949.310.3393 (PST)

Spierre Camouflage Blades

UP NEXT... Also coming should have a more comprehensive review between the EDGE, SPIERRE Fiberglass and SPIERRE Carbons. I'd also like to take the SPIERRE Monofins for a test run!

We will have reviews by top US Divers on our SPIERRE Pure Carbon line coming soon: Richard Balta and Mark Healey.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

251 Pound Yellowfin Tuna

SPIERRE Fiberglass REEF Camouflage Fins,
known for their torque and power, were worn
to capture this beautiful 251 pound Yellowfin Tuna.

Congratulations Colin Chester!

To order your set, email: or

Call: 1 949 310 3393 (Pacific Standard Time...we're in California!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

MORE WORLD RECORDS with Sumora gear!

June 25, 2009

New World Record - that's three within a year!

  • Tai Menz shoots all time Weakfish World Record with Sumora's Rabitech Apex 110cm Carbon. See full listing at Congratulations Tai!

Sumora announces impressive World Record catches with signature Carbon Series.

Christopher Saxl

Black Drum 84 pounds here

August 24, 2003

Rabitech Stealth Carbon 120cm

Cameron Kirkconnell

Mangrove Snapper, 14 pounds here

June 20, 2005

Rabitech Apex Carbon 130cm

Cameron Kirkconnell

Dogtooth Tuna, 200.6 pounds here

February 4, 2006

Kill shot - Rabitech Apex Carbon 140cm

Casey Loesch

Spadefish, Atlantic 11.8 pounds here

June 28, 2008

Rabitech Apex Carbon 110cm

Corey Uhrich

Lake Trout, 26 pounds (requested picture not to be published)

Rabitech Stealth 80cm

Tai Menz

Gray Weakfish, 11.77 pounds here

May 25, 2009

Rabitech Apex Carbon 110cm

Ritchie Zacker

11.2 pounds Spadefish World Record (previous) here

Jacksonville, Florida

Rabitech Apex Carbon 110cm

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baja Spearfishing video

I wanted to share my buddy Austin Derry's site with you guys. This video is of Richard Balta (4x World Record Holder) selectively shooting a 70# grouper at 60 ft when much larger ones could have been taken.

Allow a few minutes for it to load :)

Erik, Sumora Dive Tools

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spearfishing brings the best food to the table

Pictures do the talking today.

Friends & great divers Richard Balta & Austin Derry

My dad ate well for Father's day - fresh scallops Medium

Little lime juice before Tapatio thrown atop
White Seabass Sandwich, cooked and prepared 30 minutes after catch.
Fillets from a 3.5 pound Sargo!